School speed watch event tackling driver speeding

Man and child with speed gun

Taking action on driver speeding near your school

Would you like to take action to educate and inform your pupils and local drivers about the negative impact of driving at high speeds, and help influence better driver behaviour?

Have you considered developing a school travel plan to help you tackle such issues and much more? Find out how our Safer Travel Team can support you in this.

A School Speed Watch event can help

Our Safer Travel team and a Surrey Police Casualty Reduction Officer will agree a suitable location for your eligible Speed Watch event to take place, either outside or near your school.

Children (normally one class) are initially briefed by the police and divided into groups, with a ratio of three children per adult. One group is accompanied by a police officer and together they check motorists' driving speed using a radar gun. If a motorist is speeding the police officer will ask them to pull over and the driver is asked if they are willing to take part in the project in lieu of a driving penalty. If they agree, another group of children will ask the motorist some key questions to help raise their awareness of road safety.

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