Green boot challenge for active school journeys

Cartoon fox and children walking

Promoting more active and healthier ways to travel to school

Every summer Surrey schools compete in the Green Boot Challenge to promote sustainable and healthier modes of travel to school. The aim is to encourage parents to make their child's journey to and from school more sustainable and active.

Due to the success of this initiative many other county councils have been in touch to take forward similar initiatives and due to popular demand, we have now opened the competition to all schools in Surrey.

Taking part in the Green Boot Challenge

After registering to take part you will set the challenge for your pupils and their families to find alternative and more sustainable ways to travel to and from school during the month of June. We will send you key information to share with your school community in the lead up to the competition as well as login information for the Green Boot Challenge website.

Each participating child can monitor their progress during the competition by recording their journeys to school with their parent or carer via a downloadable smartphone app. Results are then calculated for each child, their class and school, and classes compete against each other to win the coveted Green Boot Trophy and certificates. For those children who cannot input into the app, the Challenge is also web-based so that class teachers can provide key data on their behalf during the competition.

Each class receives a point for each pupil who walks, scoots, cycles, or travels using public transport. The challenge also takes into consideration pupils who have no alternative to the car by rewarding each pupil with a point if they car share or set up a Park and Stride.

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