Air quality education resources

Tackling the issue of local air pollution at your school

Poor air quality affects everyone's health and damages the environment. Children are the least responsible for polluting the air, but the most vulnerable to its harmful effects, such as developing asthma at an early age.

There are two main pollutants of concern: nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter. The main source of these pollutants is road traffic, in particular diesel engines.

Engine idling, where vehicle motors are left on whilst a car is stationary, can be common habits at school drop off and pick up and many people still don't think about the negative effects, but such activity can release 150 balloons worth of exhaust emissions in just one minute.

Helpful resources

To help tackle this and influence positive behaviour change, we have developed air quality education resources for Surrey schools including lesson ideas, assembly presentations and worksheets, to help set the context and highlight the negative impact of poor air quality near schools and what can be done about it.

You can use these resources to discuss how you could develop measures to combat such issues in relation to your local school context and plans.

Surrey also has a Low Emissions Strategy which sets out our approach to achieving better air quality and meet the EU standards for nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter.

Files available to download