Pedestrian training for children

Steps Pedestrian Awareness Training scheme is aimed at children ages 7-8 years old (Year 3) and is taught through a combination of a classroom session and a practical roadside session. This training is delivered by the Safer Travel Team and Bikeability Team at Surrey County Council.

This training will cover the following learning topics:

  • The Green Cross Code; stop, look, listen and think
  • Road signs and pedestrian crossings; incl. puffin, pelican, zebra and islands
  • Recognising safer places to cross
  • Recognising where it is unsafe to cross; incl. driveways, junctions and bends
  • How to cross between parked cars; incl. knowing what to look & listen for when a car is about to move

Please contact 01483 517515 if you are interested in Steps Pedestrian Awareness Training for your school.