Air quality schools programme

Being in a car as opposed to walking by the road offers no protection from dangerous air pollution, but denies children the opportunity for physical activity. Engine idling can release 150 balloons worth of exhaust emissions in just one minute.

We offer the following resources for schools to highlight the impact of poor air quality near schools and to develop measures to tackle the problem:

Cleaner Air 4 Primary Schools Toolkit

Cleaner Air 4 Secondary Schools Toolkit:

Anti-idling campaign event

This involves accompanying children on the roads near to your primary school to engage with parents to ask them to switch off their car engine while parking. The children will be provided with leaflets and merchandise to offer to drivers to help explain the damage that their engine fumes are doing to children's health near schools.

Please contact 01483 517515 if you would like a PowerPoint copy of the presentations or are interested in booking an anti-idling event for your school.