Schools payroll portal

Important information for Surrey maintained schools who are migrating to Unit 4

From 7 June 2023 you will no longer be able to access the forms on the school's payroll portal.

To submit your changes, you will need to enter them onto the new Unit 4 portal. For June's payroll, this will need to be done by 13 June 2023.

Through the schools payroll portal you can:

  • Send and receive the Schools Absence Return (SAR) and the Schools Variation Return (SVR) between the school and our payroll team
  • Access the 12 month absence report
  • See other useful information

Accessing the payroll portal

Our e-learning guide getting started on the schools payroll portal explains how the system works and will provide you with your unique login details.

You will need your unique login details to access the portal.


Instructions for using the schools payroll portal

Please refer to these work instructions for more information on how to use the system:

Policy for the Schools Payroll Portal deadlines

*to be included on the Headteacher confirmation communications, eLearning and example SAR and SVR communications to bursars and the website

Policy synopsis

The Schools Payroll Portal is used to transfer and receive the new Schools Absence Return (SAR) and the Schools Variation Return (SVR) files online. Each month there is a deadline for submitting these SAR and SVR files.

Users will be required to return their SAR and SVR files by the deadline published on the Schools Payroll Portal website for that processing month. If the deadline has passed for uploading the SAR and SVR files, the user may still be able to get the files processed for that month via an email attachment to however there is no guarantee that they will be processed in time for that month's payroll.

If you have an exceptional circumstance and believe that you won't be able to return your files on time please contact School's Payroll on 0300 200 1024 or email them at and they'll be able to advise you.

Action points

  • Users to understand the potential impact of not submitting an SAR and SVR file on time.
  • The Surrey County Council Schools Payroll Team to inform users of any changes to the deadline in good notice, so that a user can still publish their files on time.

Policy statement

It is Surrey County Council policy that all users of Schools Payroll Portal understand and comply with the deadlines associated with the process.


If you lose your login details, experience difficulty using the portal or need help please contact School's Payroll: