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This page has moved, December 2022

Information about schools finance contacts has moved and can now been accessed through the Surrey Education Services Hub. Please make sure you bookmark the link above and use that in future.

Children, Families, Learning and Culture Finance

  • Assessing the implications of public expenditure planning and other national and local funding issues in relation to schools and other education services
  • Planning and co-ordinating the budget strategy for the local education authority (LEA) and schools' sectors
  • Developing, operating and interpreting the funding formula for Surrey schools
  • Distributing the pupil premium (except looked after children) and other school related grants
  • Determining the LEA's scheme for financing schools and approving the supporting Local Management of Schools (LMS) finance manual. Developing and maintaining formal approval arrangements for school loans and licensed school deficits
  • Advising elected members, officers, schools and other stakeholders as necessary on strategic financial matters relating to education
  • Maintaining and managing the constitution of the statutory Schools Forum, ensuring proper election procedures, that all prescribed financial issues are consulted upon and advising the Forum in their decision-making responsibilities
  • Verification and forecasting tools to finance business partner

Schools Funding Team - Senior Finance Business Partner, Schools Funding

  • Assessing implications of national funding changes and legislation on schools budgets
  • Development and operation of the formula for determining the allocation of resources to schools
  • Preparation of the annual section 251 budget statement (Surrey schools' budgets)
  • Scheme for financing schools
  • Approving leases


David Green

Schools Funding Team- Finance Business Partner

  • Primary (including nursery classes), secondary, and nursery schools formula allocations, adjustments and development.
  • Top up funding for special schools and special educational needs centres
  • Monthly payments to academies for non formula funding (excluding ISPSB)
  • Pupil premium (free school meals, adopted from care and service children) allocations
  • Additional DfE grants - Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM), PE and Sports Premium, Year 7 Catch-up Premium
  • Education trust funds


Charlotte Pratt

Team email -

Schools Funding Team - Senior Finance Assistant

  • Special education recoupment and top up funding for other local authority pupils in Surrey schools
  • Website co-ordination
  • In year fair access protocol (IYFAP) allocations


James Risk, Team email -

Schools Funding Team - Finance Assistant

  • School census download and analysis
  • Organisation, collection and publication on website of statistical data on school rolls
  • Budget monitoring of expenditure on school rents and rates


Tracy Savage, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) Team email -

Schools Finance Team

  • Budget plans for schools and monitoring of schools in deficit or at risk of deficit
  • Consistent financial reporting
  • Local Management of Schools (LMS) finance manual
  • Local bank account reconciliations and cash advances
  • Staff cover scheme
  • Tabulation distribution/format/content including requests for amendments and advice on Surrey coding structure
  • Monthly expenditure returns (FIN U81As)


Sue English - email:

Caroline Panayiotou - email:

Jenny Brown - email:

For routine queries please use the email addresses below:

For submitting budget plans and recovery plans

For submitting staff cover sickness claims

For submitting staff cover maternity claims

For submitting central code adjustment requests

For submitting monitoring reports for schools subject to additional monitoring and for children's centres

For submitting year end information and changes to email addresses for monthly tabs

Please note that the role of this team is largely to fulfil the statutory responsibilities of the LA in respect of school financial management and accounting. The team does not provide additional traded support such as bursar cover, support with SIMS FMS, recruitment support or financial planning advice over and above that necessary to minimise the risk of a budget deficit. These additional services may be purchased from a range of providers.

Other Useful Contacts

Allocation of additional funding for pupils with Education Health Care Plans.


Team email -