Schools formula funding process

Primary and secondary schools formula funding

We fund individual schools in line with a funding formula set locally within a government-set framework. The formula is regularly reviewed. Each year there is a formal annual consultation programme with all maintained schools during the autumn term.

Potential changes to the formula are considered during the year by consultative groups of headteachers, trade union and professional association representatives alongside senior Surrey County Council representatives.

Special schools formula funding

Special schools' funding from the local authority (LA) comprises two main components:

  • a sum per place - the number of places is agreed between the LA and DfE/ESFA for the academic year. Places are divided between pre 16 and post 16 but all are funded at £10,000 per year.
  • a per pupil top up for each pupil, which varies during the year as pupils enter or leave the school (or as their assessed needs, ages or circumstances change). For residential schools, there are separate top up rates for day and residential provision.