Specialist teaching teams

Our area specialist teaching teams provide expertise and practical support to schools and families, so that children and young people with special educational needs or disability (SEND) can achieve their potential.

The teams are made up of:

  • learning and language support specialist teachers, who work with schools, parents and other agencies to help pupils with learning and language difficulties
  • behaviour support specialist teachers and assistants, who work with pupils, parents, schools and other agencies to help manage behaviour difficulties in school and support pupils with their education.

School support

The support offered to schools includes:

  • review of key policies and related practices on areas including behaviour, anti-bullying, teaching and learning and SEND
  • training and workshops on a range of special educational needs including dyslexia, dyspraxia, autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, social communication and behaviour issues, and attachment issues
  • promotion of positive behaviour in the classroom and playground and management of challenging behaviour and aggression
  • identification of ICT programmes to support children with SEND
  • SEN processes and provision management
  • implementation of any support outlined in a statement 
  • management transfer of children between key stages in their education
  • needs identification for children and young people failing to make progress – by providing individual assessment and consulting with the child, family and staff
  • progress reviews of children and adaptation of support where needed.

Schools can ask for the teams' involvement through a formal referral process to the area specialist teaching teams. Parents or carers will need to support the referral and sign a permission form confirming this.

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