Surrey Education in Partnership

Sustainable and inclusive schools-led education

National education policy and funding changes are transforming education and driving the transition to a schools-led system.

This journey will see roles, responsibilities, lines of accountability and funding arrangements changing. Through the Education in Partnership (EiP) programme, the council is working with education providers and other stakeholders to:

  • achieve a shared understanding of the changes taking place and how they will affect education in Surrey;
  • build on our strengths to improve educational outcomes for children and young people;
  • protect and promote choice;
  • support school leaders to find the right solutions to local and county-wide issues; and
  • co-design and make the transition to a resilient and inclusive schools-led system.

This webpage brings together key information relating to the EiP work and in support of conversations underway across the county. For more information, please contact Simon Griffin, Education in Partnership Programme Manager: 020 8541 9332 /

Discovery phase engagement feedback

March 2017

Between November 2016 and January, conversations have been taking place as part of the EiP discovery phase, through which colleagues have been sharing their thoughts on Surrey's current arrangements –identifying strengths and highlighting concerns – and the changes taking place in education. A summary of the feedback provided through these conversations is available on this webpage, which sets out the themes discussed.

During this engagement, colleagues requested further information on Surrey's services to schools, statutory duties and different models of school partnerships, which is available on this webpage. Information was also requested on school place planning, which can be found in Surrey's School Organisation Plan (PDF).

Next Steps

March 2017

The insight gained through the discovery conversations will underpin work to co-design and make the transition to a schools-led system. As the engagement highlighted, Surrey has many strengths that we can build upon to ensure children and young people continue to have access to high quality and inclusive education.

Through to the end of the current academic year, maintained schools and academies in need of support will be able to access school improvement services via existing arrangements, with Babcock 4S continuing to provide services on behalf of and in conjunction with the local authority and schools.

From September 2017, Surrey's school improvement arrangements will be changing in line with changes to school improvement funding. As schools are able to access these new funding streams, school-to-school support will increase and the local authority's role will change. It is important that schools continue to have access to appropriate support as this transition takes place, and the council – with Babcock 4S – is committed to working in partnership to support the new system and to develop schools' capacity.

A high-performing and self-improving schools-led education system requires successful schools to support others, and Surrey is well-placed to develop effective support networks through established partnership arrangements. Over the coming months, we will draw on expertise from across Surrey's education community to ensure effective support arrangements are in place for September 2017.

This work will include clarifying governance arrangements – roles, responsibilities, lines of accountability and administration of funding streams – and agreeing the principles and priorities that will guide school-to-school support in future. This transition provides the opportunity to raise standards through innovation, while building on the strengths of our current system.

This journey will also see the council reshaping its broader service offer in support of a schools-led education system, and the council will continue to work with schools through the coming academic year to ensure their views – and the needs of their pupils – are at the heart of this process.

An Education in Partnership timeline sets out an overview of the programme through to September 2018.

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