Special educational needs and disability (SEND) teachers and schools handbook

Our SEND handbook is currently being updated. To access SEND forms, checklists and letter templates please use the links below:

Tests to help assessment

Section 3-3-2. Section A - factors affecting pupils' progress - forms and checklists

Section 3-3-2. Section B – assessment of reading difficulties and writing skills - forms and checklists

Section 3-3-2. Section C – assessment of and intervention for children with behavioural difficulties - forms and checklists

Individual education plans

Section 3-5-11. Individual education plans for primary schools

Section 3-5-13. Individual education plans for secondary schools

Initiation of formal assessment

Section 3-8-5. Request for initiation of formal assessment - assessment forms

Section 3-8-6. Request for consideration of initiation of statutory assessment - appendix B forms (formerly appendix D)