Support for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children and young people

Support in school

We aim to assist schools in providing Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) children and young people with their entitlement to a full education in order to raise achievement, improve outcomes and secure lifelong opportunities within and beyond their community.

We provide guidance for schools and other stakeholders on the full integration of GRT children and young people in the education system. Our countywide Specialist Teachers and Traveller Education Support Workers can help in a wide variety of ways as schools seek to cater for the needs of their GRT pupils. These include:

  • advice and training on the diverse culture of GRT groups and the impact of this on learning
  • support school development for GRT through an audit of need that builds on school strengths and identifies priority areas for action
  • guidance on ascription and attendance, inclusion and equality and the use of cultural resources within a differentiated curriculum
  • ensure newly arrived Traveller children can readily access the school environment through a supported induction programme
  • joint planning with teachers and TAs to share effective strategies and maximise learning potential
  • advice and guidance for staff on particular pupil issues
  • provide direct teaching support, on a traded basis, for individual GRT pupils in order to minimise the impact of any gaps in learning
  • establish positive partnerships with parents through unique links to the GRT community's home environment
  • strengthen links between GRT parents, schools and other services for children and young people

If you would like to discuss your requirements or arrange a consultation with one of our specialist staff please contact:

Susan Weston (REMA Lead Teacher, West area), 01483 517831,

Moira Lemprière (REMA Lead Teacher, East area), 01483 519109,

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