Support for English as an additional language (EAL) learners

Supporting EAL pupils in school

Race equality and minority achievement (REMA) specialist teachers and bilingual support workers can help in a wide variety of ways as schools seek to cater for the needs of their EAL pupils. These include:

  • Provision of an interpreting service by bilingual support workers for initial and on-going meetings with the parents of new EAL pupils. REMA bilingual support workers cover a range of over 40 languages
  • An initial assessment of EAL pupils by REMA specialist teachers to provide background information as well as details of their proficiency in English and in their first language
  • Visits from a REMA bilingual support worker during a pupil's first weeks in school to help them settle in
  • Provision of support strategies to be used by teachers and TAs
  • Direct teaching support to support EAL pupils to better access the curriculum
  • First language in-class support from a REMA bilingual support worker
  • A more detailed assessment of an EAL pupil's first language recommended for EHCP process
  • Joint planning with school staff
  • Modelling of effective teaching strategies by REMA specialist teachers
  • Advice and guidance for staff on particular pupil issues
  • Bilingual support provided to facilitate SATs tests and first language GCSE exams
  • Training for teachers, support staff and leadership teams as well as workshops for parents/carers
  • School development support with regard to equality, diversity, integration and inclusion.
  • Guidance for schools in allocating school census English proficiency codes and using ethnicity and language data

If you would like to discuss your requirements or arrange a consultation with one of our specialist staff please contact:

  • Susan Weston (REMA Lead Teacher, West area), 01483 517831,
  • Moira Lemprière (REMA Lead Teacher, East area), 01483 519109,
  • Mariana Wallington (Bilingual Support Coordinator), 01483 517675,

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