Education data analysis

The Performance and Knowledge Management (PKM) team

Surrey County Council works with schools to improve outcomes for children and young people through the effective use of data.

Analysis and reporting are made available to schools through its Service Level Agreement (SLA), for which there is a charge.

Benefits of the PKM SLA:

  • Fischer Family Trust Aspire licence and on-going support – LA discount passed on to schools
  • Key stage indicators in advance of Analyse School Performance (ASP), which has replaced RAISEOnline, via Perspective Lite
  • Access to Surrey benchmarking data
  • Analysis of combinations of vulnerability factors
  • Access to advice from an experienced team of analysts

Surrey Schools can opt into the PKM SLA for the next academic year by subscribing online through the new Services for Schools website. A copy of the latest PKM SLA information sent to schools is attached at the end of this page.

The SLA also provides schools with a licence for Fischer Family Trust (FFT) Aspire and enhanced access to Perspective Lite. Further information on the different elements of the SLA is set out below:

The PKM Team

The PKM team provides insight into pupil performance by analysing end of key stage attainment and progress data. Our reports provide a deeper understanding of performance by setting data out by subject, pupil characteristics and combinations of vulnerability factors. The team also provides Surrey benchmarks so that schools have a local performance perspective as well as national.

Fischer Family Trust (FFT)

Fischer Family Trust (FFT) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, which runs a Data Analysis project. Analysis and data provided through the FFT Aspire data site helps schools to make more effective use of performance data. FFT Aspire provides a wide range of analyses and data files to support self-evaluation (using value-added analyses) and target setting (using estimates), whilst also enabling schools to access detailed information on individual pupils via the Student Explorer module and share aggregate school level performance data with partners through the Collaborate module.

Perspective Lite

Perspective Lite is a website which pulls together useful links and resources for schools, including Watchsted and a census infographics tool. All Surrey schools have been issued with a username and password for the site. In 2016 Perspective Lite replaced WebXchange as schools' means to send and receive information securely (to and from the local authority). Whilst all schools can access the most basic version of Perspective Lite at no charge and use the site to transfer data securely, only schools signed up to the PKM SLA benefit from phonics reports, early years foundation stage reports and online interactive school-level analyses and data dashboards. These analyses are made available in advance of Analyse School Performance (ASP - which has replaced RAISEOnline) and include comparisons with other schools in Surrey/nationally.

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