Surrey's anti-bullying strategy and guidance

Surrey County Council believes that all bullying behaviour is unacceptable, whether at home, school, college or work.

Providing a safe environment for all

All children, young people and staff are entitled to a safe, caring and friendly environment. Providing a safe and happy place to learn for children and young people is essential for: achieving school improvement; raising achievement and attendance; promoting equality and diversity; developing resilience; ensuring the safety and well-being of the pupils and the school community. Similarly, children receiving care away from their home for day or residential purposes, need to feel safe and secure from bullying.

Surrey County Council will support schools and establishments to take a preventative approach to bullying, and to have policies and procedures in place to respond, where it does occur, promptly and firmly.

Our guidance for preventing and dealing with bullying

The guidance published below should be used.

The following document is designed to support education settings in developing their anti-bullying practice.

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