The special educational needs coordinator (SENCO)

Every school has a special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) who works with other teachers and parents to make sure the needs of children with special educational needs or a disability (SEND) are met by the school, efficiently and effectively.

A SENCO will become involved with you and your child if your child's progress isn't as expected once extra support from a teacher has been given.

The SENCO makes sure:

  • you (as a parent or carer) are kept informed about your child's special educational needs
  • your child has clearly targeted support which is regularly reviewed and monitored
  • information about your child's needs and your child's records is kept up to date.

The SENCO also supports staff and other professionals working with your child and liaises with external agencies that may be involved with your child, including Surrey County Council's specialist teaching teams, educational psychology services, autism outreach, health and social services and voluntary bodies.

More details on the role of the SENCO are in the SEND code of practice and in the accompanying Parents and Carers Guide.

Other contacts at your child's school who you can contact about your child's SEND include your child's teacher, subject teachers, the headteacher, the SEND governor (which every school has) and the chair of governors.