Year 9 annual review and transition plan

For your child (or young person) with special educational needs or disability (SEND), leaving secondary school is a time of transition into other education or employment and into adulthood.

From when your child is in Year 9 onwards they will be encouraged, with you and others, to plan for this. As part of the annual review a transition plan will be drawn up as outlined in the Department for Education special educational needs code of practice and explained in the SEN guide for parents and carers.

The annual review

As well as considering the issues usually discussed, the Year 9 annual review will also look at your child's future needs for training and employment once they reach 16. The review will include yours and your child's views and make plans for the future.

Pathways advisers will give ideas on the options available and your child will be encouraged to give their views too. The transition plan will plan out your child's move to adult life and will include information from all those involved in the annual review. It can capture:

  • what your child will do after they are 16
  • any ongoing educational provision
  • anything else they can be involved in at school to support them in preparing for their future.