Transition to adult life

We work with teachers, social care and health workers and others to support young people with special educations needs or disability (SEND) make the right choices and to support them during transition into adult life.

The transition process starts with the Year 9 annual review and transition plan which outlines the support provided for your child from age 14 through to 25 if needed.

If your young person has a social care package in place in the run up to their eighteenth birthday, when they move across to adult social care provisions, the social worker will contact the adult and community care service to see if the package is still appropriate. You and your child will be involved in discussions about any changes needed and every effort is taken to make sure the care package stays in place until your young person leaves full time education.

Young people that our disabled children's services know of will have a transition practitioner working with them to support them into adult life. As part of this they will work with you and your child to create a support plan reflecting both your child's needs and aspirations.

The Transition Information Network also provides information on the transition process – for parents/carers, professionals and young people.

Transition support available from adult social care

Information for young people moving from Children's Services to services for adults is available by contacting adult social care by email: or phone 01276 800270.

The adult social care section of this website will give details of the support available from us and other organisations.