When your child with SEND leaves school

Support for when your child with SEND leaves school

Please visit our Post-16 information page on our Local Offer for further information.

When your child with special educational needs or a disability (SEND) starts preparing for adulthood this needs careful transition planning which begins in Year 9. Families should be actively involved in reviewing the services they receive and planning may involve our Transition team, which is part of our Adult Social Care service. Education, Health and Care plans support a successful transition to adulthood and your SEND Case Officer will be able to advise you on how we are planning for your child to make this transition.

Transport after 16

Various transport options are available for students aged 16+ with SEND, to and from where they learn. Planning for this should start early beginning with the Year 9 annual review. Further information about transport can also be found on the our page about home to school travel assistance.

Transition to adult life

We work with all other organisations providing support for your child (young person) in the transition planning process. This includes arrangements for the transition to adult social care and the support available from adult social care.
Our Local Offer site includes Post-16 admissions guidance for young people with an EHCP and other information on potential pathways

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