When your child with SEND leaves school

Support for when your child with SEND leaves school

Please note: You may wish to visit our Post-16 information page on our Local Offer for further information.

When your child with special educational needs or a disability (SEND) starts preparing for adulthood this needs careful transition planning which begins in Year 9. Under the new legislation children and young people aged 0-25 with sufficiently severe or complex special educational needs and disabilities will be supported by a new single Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). This will replace the Statement /Learning Difficulties Assessment. Families will be more actively involved in reviewing the services they receive, using information now being published as part of Surrey's new Local Offer . The new Plans should look forward to key transition points in your education and support a more successful transition to adulthood.

Transferring from Statements/Learning Difficulty Assessments to Education, Health and Care Plans

All children and young people who already have a Statement will be transferred to an EHCP over the next three years (assuming they remain under 25 and continue to require the support described). For young people with Learning Difficulties Assessments this process should be completed by September 2016. The Government has asked Local Authorities to prioritise children and young people for transfer to EHCPs prior to key transition points – such as entry to primary school, entry to secondary school, and entry to further education - and also in Year 9 (age 13/14). In the first year the government requires priority to be given to young people in Year 11 and above .

Between September 2014 and May 2015 the following groups will be transferred to an EHCP:

  1. Young people who receive support as a result of a LDA who request an EHC needs assessment;
  2. Children and young people who have been issued with draft EHC plans before 1 September 2014;
  3. Young people moving into further education or training from school in September 2015 (in 2014/15 this must be completed before 31 May 2015, and again by 31 March in subsequent years)
  4. Young people in Year 11 who are remaining in education in school in September 2015.

If you currently have an LDA and the decision has been made by an education provider that you are remaining in further education or training beyond September 2015, you and/or your parent/carer need to contact the Pathways Team (Telephone: 01483 519302) to request an EHC plan assessment in order to transfer to an EHCP. Once you have done this you will be contacted to say when your transfer process will start; those of you who are in transitional years will be prioritised. All LDAs need to be transferred by September 2016 so we would encourage you to request a transfer prior to May 2016.

If you currently have a Statement in Year 11 and above and fall into any of the categories above you will be contacted by the Pathways Team to invite you to a review meeting focussed on outcomes and you will be sent the Parents' Guide, information on appeal rights, and information on available support (e.g. Independent Supporters).

Support for you and your parents/carers

As these changes start to happen from September, there will be people available to help you through the process. In schools there are SENCOs and in colleges there are designated SEND leads. Any of these staff will be able to help you understand the new changes. In Surrey County Council there are practitioners who will be supporting you through the process based in the area Special Educational Needs teams and the Pathways teams.

In addition to this, in line with Government policies, there is an independent information, support and advice service available. In Surrey this is through Surrey Parent Partnership (SPP) and SPP will have access to a team of Independent Supporters who will be able to give additional information, support and advice to parent/young people in regards to the EHCP process.

  • SEND Advice Surrey, Consort House, 5 – 7 Queensway, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1YB
  • Helpline: 01737 737300
  • Admin: 01737 737301
  • Email: SENDAdvice@surreycc.gov.uk
  • www.sendadvicesurrey.org.uk

What happens next?

The Department for Education has published a guide on the Code of Practice for parent carers.

A range of leaflets for young people explaining changes to the special educational needs and disability support system have also been published.

Surrey has produced its own short guide on changes on SEND14 (PDF).

Surrey County Council will work with you to transfer your statement or LDA and continue to work with you and your family to ensure you achieve successful outcomes as you go through your education and on to adulthood. To find out more about the Post-16 admissions process, please see the PDF booklet at the bottom of this page.

Transport after 16

Various transport options are available for students aged 16+ with SEND, to and from where they learn. Planning for this should start early beginning with the Year 9 annual review. Further information about transport can also be found on the our page about home to school travel assistance.

Transition to adult life

We work with all other organisations providing support for your child (young person) in the transition planning process. This includes arrangements for the transition to adult social care and the support available from adult social care.

Contact us

If you have any queries about your son/daughter's transition to College please contact the Pathways Team:

  • Tel: 01483 519302
  • Email: pathways@surreycc.gov.uk

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