Pre-school and early years support for children with severe or complex needs

For pre-school children with severe or complex needs, early support with their education is very beneficial. There are several different types of support available:

  • The specialist early education service, which includes Portage, provides home teaching for children aged from birth to three and a half years, whose development is seriously delayed. Children are usually referred to the 'portage' service at birth or when they are diagnosed with a particular need or condition.
  • Physical and sensory support teachers support children with identified vision, hearing or dual sensory difficulties and work with you as a parent to develop your child's skills.
  • A place at nursery school or extra help at pre-school may be possible. Contact the Family Information Service to ask about this. Similar help in non-state maintained schools is provided by our early years support team, which you can contact through our contact centre on 0300 200 1004.
  • Educational psychologists can support you if your child shows signs of special educational needs or a disability at a young age. Health workers notify educational psychologists where a child under school age (usually between two and three years old) has or may have a difficulty.

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