Escort information for school transport providers

Escorts - information for operators

If there is an escort on the school transport you provide, they must first be cleared through the Transport Co-Ordination Centre (TCC), authorised accreditation scheme and must wear their TCC authorised ID badge when carrying out the role.

We expect escorts to:

  • be particularly vigilant when children leave the vehicle
  • take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the children when entering or leaving the vehicle. They are not responsible for helping children before they board or after they have left the vehicle. If the vehicle arrives at the school early, children should be kept on the vehicle.
  • report all behaviour problems to the headteacher.
  • keep the child on the vehicle if they are not met and do not normally make their own way home and call the school/Pupil Services for further instructions, at the end of the route. If the Escort does not contact either, they should take the child to the nearest police station as soon as possible and report the situation.

Escorts should not:

  • leave the vehicle to collect children. The vehicle may wait three minutes only beyond the planned pick-up time.
  • allow children to be collected from or set down at unauthorised stops. The route must not be altered without prior permission from our Transport Co-ordination centre. The vehicle must keep to scheduled times. Any vehicles running early must wait until the scheduled time to continue to the next point.