The result of your under-16 application for travel assistance

We will contact you with the outcome of your application, and if you are eligible we will allocate you the appropriate form of travel assistance.

Successful applications

You cannot choose the type of travel assistance you will receive for your child. We will allocate you one of the following types of travel assistance:

  • Bus pass
  • Train pass
  • Seat on a contract vehicle (coach, minibus, or taxi)
  • Reimbursement for petrol or public transport
  • Travel allowance (children with an Education, Health and Care Plan only)

For bus, train, coach, minibus, or taxi: we will send you your child's free travel ticket or pass and information about the route. We will give you pick-up times for the school transport vehicles that we organise. Please see our: Home to school transport frequently asked questions leaflet (PDF) about travelling to school on the above modes of transport.

If your child is travelling on public transport you are responsible for checking the times of the bus or train to make sure your child arrives at school on time.

For petrol or public transport reimbursement: we will send you a claim form and details of what can be claimed. You will need to complete this at the end of each term and return it with any supporting evidence required. If you require additional forms email:

We may allocate you reimbursement under the following circumstances:

  • If a Surrey pass is not appropriate, such as where a child is travelling to an out-of-county school. You will be able to claim for the cost of public transport. The reimbursement will be for the lowest equivalent public transport rate between your child's home and the school.
  • If no public transport service is available and you take your child to school by car. You will be able to claim a petrol allowance for the journeys undertaken. The reimbursement will be calculated using Surrey County Council's approved mileage rates and the shortest road route from the home address to the school. For car users taking more than one child, only a single claim will be considered per family.

Unsuccessful applications

If your child is not eligible travel assistance you may be able to purchase a concessionary seat to travel to school on existing school transport instead, if a seat is available.

If your application for travel assistance has been unsuccessful you can also appeal the decision.

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