How to become a school transport provider

To be eligible to quote for home to school transport contracts, run by the Transport Co-Ordination Centre (TCC), all operators must be registered on the SE Shared Services e-sourcing portal, and have submitted and passed the Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ).

The PQQ is now open and located in the tender SCC/ESCC/WSCC IC Client Transport DPS.

All driver and escorts, involved in the transportation of children and vulnerable adults, on contracts issued through the TCC need to be accredited through the TCC Authorised Identity Badge (AIB) scheme. Only drivers and escorts working for approved TCC operators will be accepted to apply for an AIB.

If you have registered for the DBS Update Service, with a certificate issued by the TCC, you can apply to renew your TCC authorised identity badge online. If you are not registered with the DBS Update Service, you will need to complete the online booking form to arrange an appointment at County Hall for a visual DBS document check.

Please ensure all applicants are aware of the approved documents list as issued by the Disclosure and Barring Service. Only documents on the list will be accepted as forms of identification.

Please note: If any part of the process is failed, or information not provided, the application will not be successful.

If you have any doubt about the suitability of an applicant to work with children and vulnerable adults, please refer to the TCC Suitability Guidelines (PDF) for information on how applications are judged.

Files available to download