Club4 – Quick ideas for young people (11+) over the holidays

A girl at the gym

Chances are young people at secondary level won't need much advice on ways to keep busy during the longer breaks from school. But if you're a teenager (or a parent) you might want to check out a new way to keep active, or investigate some handy mindfulness and mental health sources.

It's also worth checking out your local borough or district councils website as they often have hyper-local activities running.

New for March 2022 - Specsavers Surrey Youth Games

Surrey Youth Games are back for 2022 with exciting new activities. This unique programme brings together 6 to 16 year olds from Surrey who often don't have access to the sort of sporting opportunities that others take for granted. Training kicks off after Easter in every one of the county's boroughs and districts, with a final, celebratory event at the Surrey Sports Park in Guildford on June 18.

Find out more: Specsavers Surrey Youth Games (

Staying active during the holidays

A young person exercising in their living room

It's important to take some time every day to do something that gets your heart beating a little faster. It can give you a goal, help you develop a skill, aids sleep and will boost your mental health.

Club4 exclusive dance sessions

Ted Talks: why it's good to keep moving

Cooking on gas (or sometimes the microwave)

We all know it's important to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg and have a varied diet, But instead of discussing carbs vs protein or the benefits of fibre, check out a few new recipes for young people to cook from scratch.

Wellbeing and mental health

An audiobook for Harry Potter playing on a phone

Being mindful of your mood and what's around you has never been more important following coronavirus, so take some time to really check how you're feeling.

Get creative

By the time secondary school arrives teens will have their own interests but if the weather is bad and social media or YouTube fatigue is setting in, here's a few suggestions.