Club4 extra ideas to keep 5 to 11 year olds busy over the holidays

Child with parent planting a tree

If you need inspiration to help keep them busy, take a look at the links below for everything from workouts to dance, arts, cooking, outdoor activities and wellbeing. It's also worth checking out your local borough or district council's website as they often run holiday activities.

New for March 2022 - Specsavers Surrey Youth Games

Surrey Youth Games are back for 2022 with exciting new activities. This unique programme brings together 6 to 16 year olds from Surrey who often don't have access to the sort of sporting opportunities that others take for granted. Training kicks off after Easter in every one of the county's boroughs and districts, with a final, celebratory event at the Surrey Sports Park in Guildford on June 18.

Find out more: Specsavers Surrey Youth Games (

Keeping active during the holidays

Kids aren't designed to stay still, so it's important that they are kept active to help them grow into healthy adults – children are recommended to do a minimum of 60 mins exercise every day. Try these ideas:

Club4 dance sessions

  • A creative dance class to get your imagination and bodies nice and active using an item of clothing to inspire us. For 5-7yrs.

Child playing hopscotchFun workouts

Active Bursts

Yoga and mindfulness

  • Millions of children have followed mindfulness and yoga sessions from Cosmic Kids Yoga, delivered in a way that's fun for ages 5-10

Other mood boosters

Kids are incredibly resilient, but it does us all good to try and find some time to focus on our own wellbeing and be aware of how we're feeling:

  • If the weather is OK, get the whole family closer to nature with the Get Outside hub – tips on everything from walking for beginners to using routes on maps to create art
  • Check out these ideas for self guided family walks around Surrey
  • Help for mood and mental health, created for kids from Stormbreak. They can choose to boost self care, resilience, their relationships and more with the help of age appropriate videos. If you're worried about your child's mental health you can also check out our 'Help for parents' page.

Arts and Crafts

Child doing arts and crafts

Even kids can't keep going all the time, but to stop them turning to the TV or games consoles, check out some of these carefully selected craft ideas from our friends at Surrey Arts:

Food and cooking ideas

Good cooking is an art and it can keep kids occupied and help them learn about making good food choices.