Children and young people's strategy 2012 - 2017

Surrey is one of the most prosperous and economically competitive parts of Great Britain to grow up in. There are 272,800 children and young people aged 0 to 19 in the county and we want to ensure that they are all able to take advantage of the benefits of living here. This includes having good health, being safe, well educated and having leisure opportunities at each stage of their childhood and having good employment prospects. Most do, but there are some children and young people who do not.

The Government has confirmed that our Children's Services are performing well and we are continuing to improve. This means we're on the right track, but over the next five years we want to work more closely with our partners and with children, young people and their families to deliver high performing services that deliver the best outcomes at all stages of childhood, and support the most vulnerable.

Our new children and young people's strategy 2012 - 2017 aims to achieve this.

See below for the Children, Schools and Families Annual Report 2013-2014. You can read a copy below, or you can download the PDF version at the bottom of this page. For a high quality, printed copy please contact the Children, Schools and Families Communications Team at

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  • Updated: 17 Nov 2014