Plans for Reigate Priory Junior School

Latest update on plans for Reigate Priory Junior School:

In February, Surrey County Council submitted a planning application for the re-location of Reigate Priory Junior School, from its current building to a new purpose-built setting at Woodhatch Place, off Cockshot Hill in Reigate. Although the application was recommended for approval by planning officers, the committee refused the recommendations to support the application.

Our focus is to ensure the best possible outcomes for all children attending Reigate Priory Junior School, now and in the future, and it remains the case that the current school building isn't fit to provide modern 21st century education. We are still carefully considering feedback shared at the planning meeting to determine next steps however, whatever those steps may be, our intention is to invest in Reigate Priory Junior School to make it the modern and appropriate education setting that children and staff deserve.