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Our concessionary seat scheme

If your child is not eligible for free transport, they maybe entitled to a spare seat on contract coaches or taxis. Spare seats are hired out to pupils or students not entitled to a free seat, once all the pupils entitled to a seat have been allocated theirs.

Concessionary seats are not guaranteed. They can be withdrawn (and a refund given) if the seat is later needed for a pupil entitled to a free seat.

Please see a copy of the letter we send out to parents who enquire about the availability of a concessionary seat for their child, for more information on the criteria for concessionary seats and the cost.

You can apply for a concessionary seat by completing a Concessionary seat application form (PDF).

You will need to apply by 31 July to be considered for a seat from September. We do not consider applications for concessionary seats in minibuses/taxis until the October half term.

Paying for concessionary coach or taxi seat

If you are given a concessionary coach or taxi seat, you will be sent an invoice giving you options on how to pay. You can pay online as follows:

Pay for concessionary coach or taxi seat online

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