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About school admission appeals

If your child is not allocated a place at the school you prefer, you have the right to appeal. The letter you receive telling you that admission has been refused will also contain information on how to appeal.

You can also call our contact centre on 0300 200 1004. Appealing can be a complicated process, so if you need help or advice at any stage please get in touch with the Surrey Schools Appeal Service on 020 8541 9029.

These pages give you information on appeals procedures for schools where the Local Education Authority manages the admission process (which are community schools and voluntary controlled schools).

Admissions to voluntary aided, foundation and trust schools and academies are handled by the governing body of individual schools, and you should contact the headteacher for details of their appeals procedure.  If you are not sure of the status of any school you can check on the Directory of Surrey Schools. You can also use this link to appeal on line for all community and voluntary controlled schools and a number of voluntary aided, foundation and trust schools and academies.

  • Updated: 28 Dec 2016
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