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Apply for a place at a primary, infant or junior school

The closing date for on time applications to primary, infant and junior schools was 15 January 2017. Please refer to the late applications section.


Overview of the application process

  1. Read our guidance on applying for a school place. This explains how to apply and answers most questions about the application process.
  2. Decide which schools to apply for. You can apply for up to four schools. You may also want to check if your child will be eligible for free home to school transport at your chosen schools.
  3. You can apply from 31 October 2016. Complete and submit the application online or on a paper form by 15 January 2017.
  4. If you are applying for a school that also asks for a supplementary information form, you must complete and return this to the school by their closing date. You can check our directory of Surrey schools to find out if a school asks for a supplementary information form and download a copy of the form..
  5. If you are applying under exceptional medical or social criteria, send your supporting documents to us by 15 January 2017.
  6. The admission authority for each school will rank applications according to its criteria and we then assess the highest offer that can be made based on your order of preferences on your application form.
  7. We notify you of the outcome of your application:
    • If you applied online we will send you an email in the evening of 18 April 2017. If you cannot be offered your first preference school we will also send you a letter by first class post.
    • If you applied on a paper form we will send you a letter by first class post on 18 April 2017
  8. You must accept or decline the place by 2 May 2017.
  9. If you are unhappy with the school place that has been offered you can appeal. You must do this by 17 May 2017.

Apply online

When to apply for a place at an infant or primary school

If your child was born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013 they will be due to start school at either an infant or primary school in September 2017.

You will need to apply for a school place between 31 October 2016 and 15 January 2017

When can my child start school?   

In Surrey your child can start school at the beginning of the school year following their fourth birthday. By law they must be in full time education by the start of the school term following their fifth birthday.

If you wish to defer taking up your child's school place or if you wish them to start part time, you must still apply by the deadline and then discuss this with the school's headteacher once you have been offered a place.

Child’s birth date

Can start school from

When to apply

Can defer entry until

Must legally be in full time education by

1/9/2012 - 31/12/2012

September 2017

31/10/2016 - 15/1/2017

January 2018

 January 2018

1/1/2013 - 31/3/2013

September 2017

31/10/2016 - 15/1/2017

April 2018

April 2018

1/4/2013 – 31/8/2013

September 2017

31/10/2016 - 15/1/2017

April 2018

September 2018

You may choose for your child to start school full or part time or to defer entry until your child reaches the legal age but you cannot defer entry beyond the beginning of the final term of the academic year for which you have been offered a place. This means that if your child was born between 1 April 2013 and 31 August 2013, they must take up their school place by April 2018. If they do not, then the place will be withdrawn and you will have to apply for an ‘in year’ place for the following year (but see also our information on admission of children outside their normal age group)

When to apply for a Year 3 place (a junior place)

Children who attend an infant school must transfer to a junior school or an all through primary school after Year 2.

If your child is leaving Year 2 of an infant school in July 2017 you will need to apply for a Year 3 place between 31 October 2016 and 15 January 2017.

You can only name schools which have an intake at Year 3 on your application form. These schools are listed separately in our booklets:

If you want to apply for a junior place at a primary school that does not have an intake at Year 3, you will need to apply for an in year school place for that school and indicate your preferred start date. If the school has a vacancy they may agree for the place to be deferred until the start of the autumn term. If the school is full you can arrange for your child's name to go on the waiting list.  However you are advised to also apply for other schools which have an intake at Year 3. 

Applying for a place in year (outside the normal admissions period)

If your child is already in primary education and needs to change schools, you will need to apply for an in year school place.