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The Surrey 14-19 Partnership

The main purpose of the 14-19 Partnership is to inform and advise on progress in the operation and implementation of the Surrey 14-19 Strategic Plan (2010-2015). The membership of the Partnership is designed to strengthen a high level of engagement at provider level and to meet the duties the LA has in delivering its statutory duties with regard to this phase of education and training.

The 14-19 Partnership is chaired by the Surrey County Council Assistant Director for Young People and brings together senior representatives from the Local Authority, schools, special schools, colleges, training providers, employers as well as the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector (VCFS) to deliver an integrated approach.

The 14 –19 Partnership is a sub-group of The Surrey Alliance, which reports to The Surrey Strategic Partnership. This links the 14 –19 Strategic Plan to the Children and Young People's Plan, Community Strategy and Local Area Agreement.

The role of the Partnership is to ensure that the 14-19 Strategy for Surrey, including Raising the Participation Age and the Young People's Employability Plan, is implemented countywide, involves all the key stakeholders and is properly supportive and enabling of the developments happening in each of the 14-19 learning networks.

The remit of this group includes the following specific duties outlined in the Government Guidance for 14-19 Partnerships and Planning, issued in January 2009 and new requirements set out in the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children & Learning Act 2009:

  • Agrees the long term vision for providing for all 14-19 year olds across Surrey
  • Develops strategies and plans for the full range of 14-19 reform priorities – short, medium and long-term – based on a sound understanding of the needs of learners and the quality of provision and services. This includes ensuring coherent strategies and planning for –
    • Achieving LAA targets
    • Meeting entitlements (including Apprenticeships and Raising the Participation Age) and a broad curriculum
    • Employer engagement and work-related learning
    • Impartial IAG
    • Supporting join-up with the wider youth agenda
    • Workforce development
    • Learners' access to entitlements (including through e-learning, peripatetic teachers, mobile provision, skills centres or transport where necessary)
    • Supports and advises the local authority in its commissioning role

Governance and accountability

The 14 –19 Partnership is the overarching governing body for the 14 –19 Strategy, working to the Surrey Alliance. It will shape the strategy, development, priorities and functioning of the partnership making recommendations to individual agencies to implement change and service improvements.

The formal powers of the Partnership are defined by:

  • those brought to the Partnership by its individual members, each in their agency role
  • those formally agreed within any partnership agreement between agencies

Although it has no formal executive decision making powers, there is an expectation that every endeavour will be made by Partnership Members to agree and address identified priorities in the service delivery of their organisations.

The Terms of Reference for the 14 –19 Partnership Board can be downloaded in a PDF format document at the bottom of the page.

14-19 Partnership strategic and supporting groups

PETE Steering Group

The Participation in Education,Training or Employment (PETE) Steering Group is the primary strategic group to ensure the delivery of Surrey's Raising of the Participation Age strategy.

Participation Networks

Local PETE Clusters bring the Youth Support Services, 14-19 networks, work-based and voluntary providers together to source or commission progression opportunities for young people.

14-19 Learning Networks

The Surrey 14-19 networks  are local partnerships of schools, FE Colleges and Work Based Training providers which work collaboratively on the curriculum, information advice and guidance and targeted support for those most at risk of becoming NEET.

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  • Updated: 23 Jan 2017