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Surrey looked after young people and Care Leavers Entitlement

This is a summary of what looked after young people and care leavers are entitled to after leaving school in Year 11.

1. A single comprehensive data source of all Surrey's looked after young people/Care Leavers, including out of county young people. Managed by a Lead Officer responsible for the collation, analysis and distribution of the data.

2. A data set of all designated LAC teachers to facilitate effective working relationships with external agencies.

3. All looked after young people will have a Personal Education Plan during Years 9, 10 and 11 that identifies their Post 16 options. This will feed into their Pathway Plan thereby ensuring Post 16 provision is in place.

4. All looked after young people will have a September Guarantee check and where provision has not been made, Personal Advisers and learning providers (e.g. colleges) will ensure appropriate provision is made available and that support is given in applying for college/apprenticeship and interview opportunities.

5. Termly RAG rated review developed for monitoring progress and identification of additional needs for targeted support.

6. Every looked after young person at KS4 will have a guaranteed work experience placement and an appropriate work based sponsor, in line with the Surrey Strategic Partnership Pledge. They will also be given priority for accessing the Surrey Young Apprenticeships scheme.

7. All looked after young people/Care Leavers will have an education, employment or training Action Plan within 3 months of becoming NEET.

8. NEET looked after young people/Care Leavers will have priority in accessing the Surrey Work Trials scheme and the Surrey Public Sector Apprenticeship scheme.

9. All post 16 learning providers will be informed of any looked after young people accessing their provision with the consent of that young person, so that the appropriate support is in place from day 1. It is often not until the young person is on the verge of dropping out that the provider becomes aware of their situation.

10. Post 16 providers to be provided with details of the Virtual Principal for Surrey for looked after young people who they can contact for advice and support.

  • Updated: 04 Dec 2014