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14-19 Needs analysis

Following the passing of the Apprenticeships, Skills Children and Learning Act 2009, local authorities became lead strategic commissioners for 14-19 education and training. This means Surrey County Council has a duty to ensure that sufficient and appropriate education and training opportunities are accessible to all young people in the county aged 14-19 and up to 25 for young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. To develop our understanding of what the education and training needs of these young people are, the 14-19 Commissioning Service has completed the '14-19 (25) Needs Analysis'. This report covers a range of issues facing young people in the county and will inform the priorities identified in Surrey's 16-19 Commissioning Statement for 2011/12.

As well as producing the full report, the team has also developed 11 shorter summaries, which provide insight into some of the local issues faced in each of Surrey's districts and boroughs. These documents will be of interest to education and training providers working in Surrey, as well as other professionals and organisations who support young people in the county.

Files available to download