SHAPE - Surrey Heath Area Partnership for Education

SHAPE is a partnership of five secondary schools in the borough of Surrey Heath committed to collaboration and working together to extend opportunities for learning.


Our neighbouring colleges are:


The schools are committed to a model of collaboration which will retain individual school identities but which will enable the educational needs of Surrey Heath to be met and ensure positive outcomes and success for all.

The schools are working together to:

  • ensure that all students receive the best possible advice and guidance to help them make informed choices about the programmes of study available to them
  • ensure that all students have access to a wide range of high quality learning programmes which meet their individual needs
  • provide high quality teaching and learning by sharing good practice and cooperating on staff training and development
  • improve access to vocational education within the borough.

We are working with our neighbouring colleges in Hampshire to ensure that all Surrey Heath students have access to the full range of post 16 learning opportunities within the local area.

Contact information

Marian Raine, SHAPE Coordinator
Telephone: 01276 457627