Runnymede 14-19 Partnership

The Runnymede Network is a strategic partnership of four secondary schools, three special schools and two colleges working collaboratively to meet the learning needs of young people in Runnymede by developing a broad, inclusive and vocationally relevant curriculum framework.


Our vision is to increase and widen participation, offer coherency of provision, improve achievements and ensure that all our learners have equal opportunities to progress to further learning or skilled employment.


  • To raise standards through an improved match between the curriculum offered and students' individual needs.
  • To provide a coherent curriculum that widens opportunities and enables progress and continuity across the 14-19 phase of education.
  • To increase efficiency and secure best value by sharing resources.


Steering Group

  • The headteacher or principal of each of the institutions
  • 14-19 Network Coordinator
  • Director of Learning LSC (or representative)
  • Consultant 14-19 Education, Four S

Contact Information

Lead contact

Helen Johnston, Runnymede 14-19 Learning Network Coordinator
Telephone: 01932 578661

Chair of Partnership Steering Group

Dr Frank Botham, Principal of Strodes College
Telephone: 01784 437506

  • Updated: 10 Jul 2015