How is Surrey County Council involved in Elective Home Education?

Although the Local Authority (Surrey County Council) has no statutory duties in relation to monitoring the quality of home education on a routine basis, we like to get to know our home educating families.

When you start to home educate we will write to you suggesting an informal meeting at your home to discuss your plans.

Most people find the visit helpful, but you might prefer to meet at another venue, with or without your child.

Alternatively, you could write a report to let the Authority know about the provision you are making.

The Elective Home Education Advisory Teachers can give advice on education and can arrange for your child to have an Elective Home Education identity card, if you wish.

Generally, we will contact you once a year to ask for up-to-date information.

Home Education Advisory Teachers are available to provide more frequent support if required. If you would like to speak to a Home Education Teacher, please email or you can call the elective home education team on 01483 519526.