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Helpful points to consider about home education

  • Your child is positive about the suggestion of home education.
  • You are convinced it is the best course of action for your child.
  • You have the time to devote to your child's education on a regular basis.
  • You have the ability to teach your child effectively.
  • You will be able to educate your child to the required level if they wish to take GCSE examinations.
  • You are prepared to buy the necessary resources, if you do not already have access to them.
  • You have some support available.
  • You have the space to create a quiet working area and somewhere to store the resources you will use.
  • There are opportunities for physical exercise.
  • Social experiences with other children are available.
  • You are not choosing to home educate as a way of getting out of quarrels with a headteacher or school, or as an excuse for not sending your child to school on time or regularly.
  • Updated: 18 Sep 2015