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Guidance for Duke of Edinburgh's Award centre leaders

The following information and attachments are to assist centre coordinators, leaders and helpers.

For further information or guidance please contact the office:

Due to restrictions on the Surrey County Council Duke of Edinburgh's Award licence, the county council can only offer DofE to those young people aged 14 and over who attend SEN schools or 'bone-fide' community and youth organisations, and those aged 16 years or over who are not in education, employment or training.

If you are reading this as a potential or existing DofE coordinator from a Surrey mainstream school or college, please refer to the DofE South East Region Office for further guidance and information.

The self-populating registration form together with the Guide to Parents and Carers will be emailed to all centre coordinators upon request. You must distribute both of these together and in a way that best suits you and your participants (e.g. by email, print off hard copy and send by post etc) and collect back as you see fit. We do not require completed copies of the form to be returned to us but ask that you to retain copies (in any format) for inspection if needed.

NB: The Guide to Parents/Carers AND the enrolment form MUST be distributed together by the same method, and the box on the enrolment form indicating that the parent/carer has read the guide must be ticked and signed by the parent/carer as required at present, either as a 'wet' signature or electronically.

The office will then allocate participation places to centres on demand, upon receipt of a request by email for a stated number of places and will send out the commensurate number of Participant Handbooks and invoice in the usual way.

Centre coordinators will have 28 days to make sure that the names on the forms received, are uploaded to the new participation places.

A specimen copy of the self-populating enrolment form has been published here as a pdf, for information only, together with the Guide to Parents/Carers document. Please do not attempt to use this version of the form; the usable version of the form will be distributed to all centres by email.

Files available to download