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Policies and procedures in early years

The Early Years Foundation Stage expects group providers to have "written copies of any policies and procedures which are required, for example, to safeguard children or promote equality of opportunity".

Surrey's Supporting Children Team has written guidance documents to help early years and home-based childcare settings in Surrey to create a policies and procedures folder. These documents are for guidance only and you'll need to adapt them to reflect the service your setting offers. You can download the guidance below. From time to time we update these documents, we'll let you know when we do through our Childcare professionals update e-bulletin.

If you have any questions, please speak to your area advisory team:

  • north east:
  • north west:
  • south east:
  • south west:

If you are a private or voluntary company or another council and you would like to use these policies and procedures guidance documents, you will need to acknowledge Surrey County Council as the owner of the original materials and get written permission to use them.


We are currently updating our policies and procedures guidance and will add them below when they are ready. Sign up to our Childcare professionals update e-bulletin to get notified when they're available.

Files available to download