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Business advice for voluntary management committees

Surrey Early Years and Childcare Service offers advice and support to voluntary management committees responsible for early years settings (such as day nurseries and pre-schools) or playwork settings (such as breakfast clubs or holiday playschemes).

We know it can be difficult to recruit parents as members and to keep them beyond the year or two their child is at your setting. And we know not everyone will have the knowledge and experience you need. But we have the people who can help. Our Childcare Business team can offer you expert advice and support to help you run an effective and efficient committee.

And our Workforce Development team which includes Recruitment and Retention advisors can help with advice on all sorts of matters involving  employment of staff in your setting, and they can offer advice and money for staff to gain additional qualifications.

The Childcare Business team offers:

  • evening workshops to help new committee members understand their duties and responsibilities
  • specific support to those that take on particular responsibilities, such as the chairperson, treasurer and secretary
  • help with the basics, including how and how often to hold committee meetings, understanding record keeping and reporting
  • recruiting new faces to the committee, including non-parents
  • identifying and making the most of skills within the committee and sharing the workload more fairly
  • advice on applying for grants (we also offer start up grants and inclusion grants)
  • help with incorporation (PDF) to change the legal status of your setting to a limited company (and reduce your personal liability)
  • expertise in monitoring financial results and setting budgets for the coming year
  • business planning (PDF) support and business reviews

The Workforce Development team offers:

We are here to help you. Just give the Childcare Business team a call on 01372 833833 or email them at
for advice and to arrange a visit.

Or give the Workforce Development team a call on 01372 833900 or email them at