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Supporting inclusive play

Under the Equality Act 2010 childcare providers are required to make reasonable adjustments to support children in accessing their setting and the activities they provide. It is important that playwork settings (including short term) collect enough information from parents or carers to allow them to meet the individual needs of the children attending. Ofsted also expect you to work in partnership with other professionals such as health professionals if suitable to meet a child's needs. We have put together some documents to support you in collecting information about children, scroll down to find out more.

All about me forms

All about me forms are a good way to collect information about children attending your setting. To view an example form, please see the attachment at the bottom of the page. You could ask parents or carers to fill in this form with their child at the same time as your registration form, or you could add parts from your registration form onto this form. You can use the all about me form with children of all ages.

One-page profiles

One-page profiles are a practical way of recording and sharing information about an individual and give you the most important information summarised on one-page. One- page profiles focus both on what matters to the person and how best to support them. You can prepare several profiles for different situations, e.g. after school club, holiday playscheme, school and home. One-page profile guidance is available at bottom of this page.

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Children’s Access to Play (CAP) cards

Our CAP cards have key information about supporting children and young people with impairments. They briefly describe the impairment, highlight how this might affect a child and give possible inclusion ideas. There are cards on:
* Care plans
* Autism (including Asperger's syndrome)
* Behavioural difficulties (including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
* Blind or visually impaired
* Deaf or hearing impaired
* Epilepsy
* Learning impairment
* Physical impairment
* Speech, language and communication needs.

You could hang a copy of the cards on your staff notice board as a reference tool.

How inclusive is your setting?

We have also put together a self assessment pack, titled ‘How inclusive is your setting?’ If you would like a copy please ask your playwork advisor or email the playwork team

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Files available to download