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Developing play

As a playwork setting you need to be able to demonstrate that you see the importance of evaluating and improving your practice. We have put together some documents and tools to help you evaluate your setting, scroll down to find out more.

Playwork: Improving quality

We have recently put together Playwork: Improving Quality. This is a self assessment tool incorporating the playwork principles, play types, loose parts and all the latest research on play. There are four sections, including operational review, operational tools, embedding the knowledge and questions to improve quality.  Each section includes different tools to support you in improving the quality of your setting. If you would like a copy of  Playwork: Improving Quality please contact your area Advisory Team (see contact details at bottom of page).

Playwork: Models of improving quality

Many settings talk about how they would like to go and visit other settings but can't due to working in their own setting. We've put together models of improving quality to support settings in swapping ideas and seeing what other settings get up to. The booklet includes a collection of photos showing good practice in playwork settings across Surrey. This is an on-going booklet and anyone can contribute. If you would like to share a photo or want a copy of the document emailed to you ask your area Advisory Team (see contact details at bottom of page).

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Getting to good

We have put together this document to support you on your journey to becoming good or better playwork providers. This document aims to identify key areas for improvement and relate these to your own settings. The focus will be on leadership, improving play and arrangements for evaluation. You can find a copy of getting to good at the bottom of this page.

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Involving children in your setting

Example of planningYou also need to be able to demonstrate how you take into account the views of the children attending your setting. We have included some attachments on how children’s views and interests can inform your planning. The image to the right shows another example of planning, highlighting children's requests, observations and further resources required (click the image to see a larger version).

Once activities have taken place you can get children to evaluate them, you can also involve children when you are choosing resources and deciding what the rules and boundaries of your setting should be. We have included some templates on gaining children’s views and how they can evaluate your setting at the bottom of this page.

Further examples of how you can involve children in your setting can be found in Playwork: Models of Improving Quality.

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Policies and procedures

The playwork team have put together some guidance on the policies and procedures required in playwork settings, see the see also links on the right hand side of this page.

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Contact us

If you'd like more advice or support get in touch with your area Advisory Team:

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