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Family support guidance for children's centres

The guidance and information below is for outreach workers and Sure Start Children's Centre managers to help you in your role supporting families.

If you can't find what you're looking for or you have a question, drop us an email at

Files available to download

  • Case file guidance including audit (250.3 KB)
    Guidance to support children’s centre staff to keep up to date, accurate case files and records on individual families
  • Caseload management practice guidance (146.2 KB)
    Guidance for managers to help support outreach workers with their caseloads
  • Supervision handbook (275.0 KB)
    Handbook to help you become a competent supervisor and get the most out of supervision
  • Supervision policy and practice framework (301.2 KB)
    A framework for one to one and group supervision of children's centre staff
  • Home visiting and lone working policy (147.7 KB)
    Guidance for writing a home visiting and lone working policy
  • Hosting supervised contact (144.5 KB)
    Guidance for hosting supervised contact (email to request Appendix A). Supervised contact sessions are for children who no longer live at home because they are looked after or in care proceedings. The sessions allow children to meet their family in a safe, comfortable and confidential environment
  • Request for family support flow diagram (112.1 KB)
    This flow diagram is for additional family support. Universal services and targeted sessions are accessible to all so don't need a formal request
  • Request for family support form (16.7 KB)
    Multi-agencies can use this form to request family support from a children's centre. This form doesn't replace the Early Help Assessment (EHA) and should only be used if the criteria for an EHA isn't met