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From volunteer to teacher

Spring17-TeachingVolunteerAlly is from Cologne in Germany. She married an Englishman and the couple settled in Surrey. She had a successful career in marketing but decided it was time for a career shift. The first step was to secure her GCSE in Maths, she said, “I love maths, but I hated it at school!”

After studying with Surrey Adult Learning at the Woking Centre, Ally successfully completed the course in 2013. She returned to the Woking Centre as a volunteer and spoke of how useful a volunteer can be in the classroom setting. Additionally, she noted how helpful it was to have the maths curriculum so fresh in her mind and that it promoted confidence and self-belief in the learners she helped to be supported by someone who had recently passed her GCSE Maths. Ally is a cheerful, spirited lady and is now completing her Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) at Kingston University in order to become a fully fledged teacher of German and French in secondary school. She has completed one school placement in Hounslow and is currently working at a school in Hinchley Wood.

SAL is extremely grateful to our former learners who 'give something back' to learning by volunteering with a class they are passionate about. Our volunteers are an invaluable resource in ensuring a strong learning experience and enhanced support to our learners.

We all wish Ally every success in her new teaching role.