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Supported Learning Award Ceremony takes place at Guildford Centre

Kelly, Helen and Patrick recieve their certificatesA celebration of achievement was held at the Surrey Adult Learning Guildford Centre, on 4th December 2015, where Learners and their friends and family were invited to the award ceremony led by Lisa Woodward, Curriculum Manager for Supported Learning.

On completion of a 10 week Computing course for people with mental health issues, Assistant Curriculum Manager Cathy Kirk and Tutor Karen Barnett suggested that the learners work towards the nationally recognised Computer and Online Basics qualification from the British Computer Society. For 20 weeks the learners invested their time and effort learning new skills and refreshing existing knowledge to complete a comprehensive range of tasks in the required course book. For the three learners who obtained the qualification, this was a huge achievement in different ways.

Helen, Patrick and Kelly's success stories

Learner Helen said “the small group size was important to me” and that this was her first formal qualification. Helen’s self-confidence has grown and she has now gone on to find a part-time housekeeping job.

Learner Patrick initially travelled from Reigate to Guildford to attend his course with Surrey Adult Learning. He was proud of his progression and when presenting Patrick with his certificate, his Tutor specifically celebrated the progress Patrick had made recalling information and remembering instructions. Patrick is now leaving his house more regularly, has given up smoking and joined a gym local to where he now lives all of which he attributed in part to the sense of self-worth that the Surrey Adult Learning Computing course had given him.

Another Learner Kelly praised her Tutor and thanked her for making the learning a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Kelly described her Tutor as “brilliant and upbeat, making the effort worth the reward”. Kelly reiterated that the course was intensive, but she was determined to complete it, despite her personal health challenges. Kelly’s mum said “if she [Kelly] hadn’t come to the class she would have withdrawn into herself”.

Image: Learners Kelly, Patrick and Helen receiving their certificates for the Computer and Online Basics qualification on 4th December 2015 at a celebration morning.