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Impressive 2017 GCSE results

Assistant Curriculum Manager English and MathsFirstly, I would like to send my heartfelt congratulations to all GCSE learners, not just for their impressive results, but for their dedication and perseverance – the same for their wonderful tutors, to whom I also send a huge thank you. I would also like to let our many class volunteers know how much we all appreciate their support, and the time they give, which makes a real difference.

The GCSE courses offered by SAL offer particular challenges not least because they are one year in duration compared to the usual two year course delivered in schools. Adult learners also have additional commitments such as family and work and these take up a large proportion of their time. Furthermore, in the last academic year both learners and tutors were faced with a new syllabus, a new 9-1 grading system replacing the old A*-E and the final outcomes were purely based on end of year exams with no controlled assessments. If readers are not familiar with the new grading, a 4/5 represents the old grade C and this is the level required by higher education and employers. The vast majority of our Maths and English GCSE candidates achieved a grade 4 or above.

Finally, the impact on the lives of our GCSE learners should not be underestimated. Gaining this qualification means that people are able to progress to further qualifications and study; move up the career ladder; enhance their employability; increase their self-esteem; help their children with schoolwork or a combination of these!

Well done and good luck in the future!