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Reaping the rewards of lifelong learning

Spring09-RewardsofLearningKaty Rabey left school with no GCSE’s and thought school just wasn’t for her, thinking “I’m not very academic”. Katy got a place at Guildford College, more by luck than chance and got a qualification to become a Nursery Nurse. She did this and Nannying for employment until she had a family of her own. Three children later and the last starting school left Katy with a void to fill. She picked up a leaflet from Surrey Adult Learning’s (SAL’s) Family Learning team offering a short course to help parents with growing children called “Keeping Up with the Children” held at the Camberley Centre.

The Family Learning course was a springboard for Katy and at the end of the course she felt more able to support her children. Also, her attitude to learning changed from “I can’t do it" to "how can I do it?”.

Katy described the mood of the class as very different from a school setting, “we felt relaxed, we were not made to feel stupid, there were other mums and people with common ground.” The Tutor, Nicky McLean was helpful, and supportive to all, as each parent had different skills.

Katy then enrolled in higher education via an Access Course run by the University Centre Farnborough. She obtained her GCSE grade A in English and four A Levels. She then progressed in 2014 to a two year Degree course in English Literature and Sociology.

Katy is currently studying for her GCSE Maths with SAL and has linked up again with her former Family Learning Tutor, Nicky McLean. Katy has decided to devote some quality time to her family now, whilst she considers her options of pursuing a Masters Degree or a PGCE qualification in order to become a teacher in the future.

Katy is an inspiration to many and has worked tirelessly to achieve qualifications, whilst juggling work commitments and a busy young family.