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Ongoing success for Supported Learner Soufyan

Supported learner SoufyanAfter attending Treloars Residential School and College in Hampshire, Soufyan moved to Dorincourt a specialist residential group home in Leatherhead, Surrey. Three years ago Soufyan was able to realise one of his ambitions when he moved into his own bungalow where he lives with 1:1 support provided by his PA’s Debbie and Matt.

Soufyan enrols on his first Adult Learning course

Debbie recognised that Soufyan would benefit from improving his maths skills to help him with his daily budgeting, so she contacted Surrey Adult Learning (SAL) and booked Soufyan onto an Information, Advice and Guidance session for Maths pre-GCSE at the Surrey Adult Learning’s Molesey Centre. At this meeting it was decided that the pre-GCSE course was too advanced for Soufyan’s needs and so Soufyan and Debbie met with the Supported Learning Curriculum Team to discuss alternatives. It was agreed that cookery was another life skill that Soufyan needed to improve and so after a visit to our Woking Centre to check that the cookery teaching room, toilets and café area were fully accessible to Soufyan, he enrolled on a thirty week cookery course starting September 2014.

Soufyan's road to independence

During this Cookery course Soufyan covered basic cookery techniques and everyday food and drink preparation and in July 2015 the progress Soufyan had made was formally recognised when he achieved Laser Entry 2 Level Award in Independent Living Skills: Household Skills – a national qualification designed to recognise progress towards independence. When receiving his certificate at the November Awards Ceremony Soufyan commented that he was “very proud of myself” and that he now uses recipes from his course at home.

Debbie explained that Soufyan’s confidence in the kitchen has grown enormously and there has been a particular improvement in his cutting skills. He is now able to cook scrambled eggs for his breakfast by himself and sometimes he also cooks breakfast for her or Matt. As a result of the course Soufyan is also more aware of healthy eating and prepared to try new ingredients and recipes at home.

Always wanting to keep active and challenge himself, Soufyan enrolled on a further SAL Supported Learning Cookery course in 2015-16 where he is working towards the next level national qualification. Looking further ahead Soufyan may be interested in SAL’s Supported Learning Maths and Cookery course.