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Working with families to offer life changing experiences

Writing an article, I never expected in my life that I will write an article about myself. I don't even know how to start it!

My journey in UK started when I was in Warrington long back. But the real journey and bonding with this country started when I stepped into Family Learning, Surrey Adult Learning, November 2017, Redhill. I can say that it is my destiny which guided me to travel in this path for some good that should happen.

As we say, 'Knowledge is an Ocean' and as a part of it I enrolled in an English for EAL Families course in St. Matthew's School, where my son is doing his KS2. After enrolling I came to know that the course is better suitable for kids of KS1. But my teacher Maria gave me support to do it for my sake, so that I can at least learn the skills to teach my son and also can know about the British standard of education. As the weeks passed by I totally bonded with my teacher and my fellow learners. I also should mention about Mrs. Ellie Worthington who gave complete support and guidance to the kids. She made each child a completely confident kid in speaking, listening and learning skills.

In parallel, my second step of acquiring knowledge made me join the Functional Skills English (Level 1) in East Surrey College in March 2018. It really made me proud to get into the college after so many years. My teacher Jennie Cole is an experienced person with excellent skills. I was really impressed with the way she was teaching and the way the analysis is done to each student. It is a proud moment to say that I passed my Level 1 Functional Skills English in Reading, Writing and Speaking skills.

My third step of acquiring knowledge is to joining WEA Level 1 Maths, April 2018. Being a Science student, I doubted if I can do Maths at this point of time - that too after so many years. Now, I should say about my teacher, Mrs. Gillian Futcher, who recognized my hard work and supported me to go to Level 2. By God's grace I passed my Level 2 Maths, another proud moment in my life.

Now I am continuing with GCSE Maths.

There are some lines and phrases like Human values, Ethics and Moral values, Value and Respect, Civic sense etc, which are often confined only to books. But in this country I have really seen the meaning of those words and I even had experienced those words. All these things raised my confidence levels, which makes me go to the next level of knowledge. All I can say is that this country is an ideal example for Women Empowerment.

Thank you once again to Family Learning and Maria Szende for giving me the opportunity to write about my learning journey.

  • Updated: 28 Nov 2018