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Exhibitors at Learner Summer Exhibition

Marika Daglish

2D 2nd Prize Winner “Sunrise at Cawsand”

Learner Marika decided to take up art as a hobby at the Guildford Centre under the guidance of Tutor Wendy Heath.

Her winning canvas “Duality” is a fascinating merged portrait painting of two faces using oils and acrylics. The completion time to create the painting was about 9 hours over a period of time. Other submissions of Marika’s included a landscape “Sunrise at Cawsand” and portrait “Snow Wolf”.

Marika was delighted to be recognised for her achievement and discussed the friendly atmosphere of the classes and how Surrey Adult Learning has become part of her life routine, something to look forward to in the calendar.

Unexpected friendships and acquaintances are part of Marika’s experience as a Learner, as people share life stories and feelings in class. Marika has a special bond with fellow Learner Sue Whitehead, who is another budding artist exhibiting her paintings in the Learner Summer Exhibition at The Harvey Gallery at the Guildford Centre. The two friends started learning at the same time and their friendship grew over time, sharing their passion for art.

Marika said “My Tutor nurtured my confidence, not just my skill”.

Learners are encouraged to go on a journey of self discovery and experiment with different mediums and themes and the classes promote and encourage individual style.

Marika intends to continue painting and exhibit more of her work from now on, the core priority, to cover the costs for her materials which are expensive.

Susan Whitehead

Submission Oil and Acrylic Paintings

Learner Susan went to Art College and has been attending Surrey Adult Learning Art courses at the Guildford Centre under the guidance of Tutor Wendy Heath. She was excited to see her work on display. We discussed the black and white portrait of a young girl, a stunning painting using black and white glazing. It felt like the subject was really looking at you and created a presence.

Susan decided to put selected paintings on sale in order to cover her costs.

She also shared how much she values attending the courses at the Guildford Centre, the positivity of the group and bouncing ideas off each other. Learners are presented a different theme over a three week timeframe that produces interesting results.

Susan intends to exhibit and sell her work.

Jeremy Bridger

Submission Pottery

Jeremy is a Surrey Adult Learning supported learner and has made some beautiful pieces of pottery at the Guildford Centre. He feels happy and safe at the Guildford Centre, working under the guidance of Tutor Julia Roberts-Brown. With the invaluable assistance of supported learning assistant Sylvia Reading.

He was so proud to see his work on show at the Learner Summer Exhibition. He had designed and created a ceramic clock in the form of a duck with a shellac glaze that made the pottery feel like feathers to the touch.

Jeremy attends the Pottery Enterprise course and has just completed his latest project, a ceramic bird hanger, which fitted in nicely with the garden theme that the class agreed upon. The pottery pieces were put on sale on 1 July and proceeds from the Pottery Enterprise course are being given to charity.

Jeremy has decided that he has the confidence to take orders now.